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Average Costs for a Moving Job

In every person’s life comes a time to relocate. Whether it is due to a long for a change of scenery, because of better job opportunities, or in order to be closer to a loved one, sometimes relocation is inevitable. This major change can be extremely stressful and costly. This is why it is better to take your time and organize it well if you want to manage it with no hassle and on budget.

In most cases the main concerns you have, regard the relocation price your movers will apply. This is why today MovinOn LLC, of Live Oak, TX has decided to make a brief overview on the list of average moving fees different companies in the US apply.

What are the average house removal costs different firms apply?

Packing boxesSome agencies offer a removal cost calculator which can give you an approximate estimate about the fees which will be applied based on the size of your property. Others offer free onsite viewings which can provide you with more accurate bids.

Small property removals can cost between $100-$150 a day (or otherwise said, $20-$30 per hour), while long distance full-service moves can pass $3,000. This price, however, does not only include the transportation costs but also moving labor, van or truck rental, parking fees, packing supplies, insurance and other additional move-related expenses.

If you plan a long distance moving, your movers will definitely come to give you an on-site quote. Here is an approximate idea about the prices they will suggest, based on the size of your home.
* For a three bedroom home – Between $3,000 and $4,500
* For a four bedroom home – Between $4,000 and $7,500
* For a five bedroom home – Between $4,000 and $5,000 for local relocation services and up to $10,000 for long distance moves.

Do not rush to make any conclusions, though. These prices are approximate and may vary a lot from company to company. For a more accurate estimate, contact our movers and tell us some details about the items you need relocated. We will calculate the final fees based on the size of van or truck you will need to fit all your stuff, as well as the distance between your old home and our final destination.

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